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We held our first Sensei Sessions on the 24 June 2017. The topic was BRANDING, what it means and how to achieve it. Using your WHY and having a great identity makes for good branding. I think the biggest take from the sessions was:

A great way to build brand affinity is to tell your stories & with the help of social media platforms, we also have the ability to share these stories.

“At the end of the day people won’t remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

Thank you to everyone that came out it really was a great conversation.

Sensei Sessions is in collaboration with The J&B Hive.

Images by @Dayphotolife




J&B Hive #JBHiveJourney

The Hive is a community of entrepreneurs and creatives in Johannesburg, bringing truly revolutionary pieces of work into the world.

The Hive belongs to game-changers; whether it’s inventive new products, pervasively untapped sales channels, projects with the potential to massively impact communities or films or photography that tell your story your way, The Hive community is built to make these revolutions happen.

This campaign showcased the J&B Hive through its members and co-founders. It’s testimony to how they  have helped progress young creatives and further their entrepreneur journey. As proud members of the J&B Hive, it was a pleasure working on this campaign.

#jbhive #JbWhisky #myjandbhivejourney

To find out mor about the J&B Hive please visit www.thehivejohannesburg.com


Sensei Sessions

Sensei sessions are interactive talks designed to engage young entrepreneurs into dissecting the basic of business marketing and sharing an understanding into how one can put their business out there DIY style. Giving the skills in the hands of those who need them. These sessions are open to everyone looking for practical know-how in tackling practical topics.
We aim to share what we know and each month there will be Sessions focused on cultivating and inspiring creatives interested in growing their brand and learning how to get to the next level. They will be hosted at The J&B Hive (100 Juta, Braamfontein)

Look out for more information regarding upcoming topics.