Sensei sessions are interactive talks designed to engage young creatives entrepreneurs into the world of visual. Sharing what great looks like and how to accomplish greatness. Our aim is to share the knowledge that will grow a culture of visual mastery.

These live sessions are open to everyone looking to grow their skills or just understand the industry.



Our second session we will be talking about how a healthy mindset is necessary for achieving success in all aspects of life.

Mindsets are assumptions, methods, or notations that we live by on our day to day lives. Fixed mindsets are limited to what is known, growth mindsets understand that consistently learning and growing will lead to your purpose.

Come join the conversation as we share some of the mindset hacks that we have come across.  We share the knowledge with those around us in the hope they take a step closer to unlocking their purpose.


15 June 2017


J&B Hive

100  Juta, Braamfountain






Our first session we will be looking at how you can take your brand to the next level by branding yourself to build affinity.

Brand affinity is the most valuable level of customer relationship and is based on the mutual belief that the customer and the company share common values.

One of the best ways to do this is to tell your story. We will be sharing how this can be done and giving insight into what tools you can use to get there.

24 May 2017


J&B Hive

100  Juta, Braamfountain